EMPOWER WEALTH & TAX LLC is an independent registered tax and retirement income investment advisory firm with a unique approach to achieving client goals.
Founded in 2005 as Senior Tax and Insurance Advisors, LLC and later added Donato Wealth Management in 2016 to become EMPOWER WEALTH & TAX. Unlike many firms, special attention has been given to ensure that clients are educated and involved in all aspects of their Individual Retirement Income Planning, Investment, and Legacy decisions.
Unlike many firms, we integrate financial expertise, tax and accounting along with real-life expertise into a single advisory service to educate clients on every financial decision. It’s a proven approach we call EMPOWER SOLUTIONS.


It all comes down to our people… a team of EMPOWER™ experts you can rely on.
We have built a workforce that reflects our values and commitment to our clients. People you can respect, trust, and who will work in your interest. From our founder to our leadership team to each employee…we want to make your retirement the best it can be.

Philip Donato Capriotti Sr.

Founder, President & CEO
“I am proud to be able to guide our clients through their retirement years, helping them to achieve their retirement income goals.”
Philip Donato Capriotti Sr. is Founder, Owner, and CEO of EMPOWER WEALTH. Philip is a recognized leader in the Retirement Income Planning Industry. He and his team of professionals have a clear-cut focus on tax-efficient strategies for Social Security Maximization, Retirement Income, Health and Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Wills, Trusts and Legacy planning.

Empower Wealth & Tax, LLC was created as a culmination of Senior Tax and Insurance Advisors, LLC (founded in 2005) and Donato Wealth Management, LLC (established in 2016). Decades of hard work and innovation have resulted in the company’s growth. Special attention has been given to ensure clients are educated and involved in all aspects of their Individual Retirement Income Planning decisions.

Phil takes great pride in his continuing education, including his 15-year membership in the ED SLOTT MASTER ELITE ADVISOR GROUP (which requires him to recertify twice per year). Throughout the years, Phil has developed a team of experts to provide clients with a specialized process directed toward the goal of Tax-Efficient Retirement Distribution and Income Planning.
Philip Capriotti, Jr.
Lead Investment Advisor
Gregory Putbrese
Social Security Timing Specialist
Jenna Esponda
Service Advisor
Lola Welborn
Licensed Tax Prep Specialist /
Financial Executive Administrator
Erika Turner
Client Relations Specialist
Jimye Ketchens
Financial Records Administrator
Elizabeth “Bette” Houser
Marketing and Business Development | Client Services
Elisa Stancil
Client Services Administrator


To Empower our clients with the education to understand and achieve the ultimate Tax-Efficient Maximized Retirement Income.


Utilizing our proven investment philosophy, the leading technology, and a highly-personalized comprehensive approach, we can offer to empower your retirement and wealth success.
  1.  Providing an experienced team of professionals that will work shoulder-to shoulder in the  interest of your success
  2.  One-on-one meeting to uncover your financial and retirement needs
  3.  Deliver a complimentary detailed reporting and analytics
  4.  Construct a plan specific to lower your taxes and meet your budget and goals
  5.  Assist in making informed, long-term decisions
  6.  Tax efficient wealth now and throughout your retirement
  7.  Continued analysis and assessment of your risk


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Philip Capriotti, Jr.
Lead Investment Advisor
Licensed Health, Life and Annuity Agent (Texas and Pennsylvania)
Philip joined Senior Tax and Insurance in Austin in 2008. As a Financial Investment Professional, Philip brings a personal, straightforward, and long-term approach to investing. Focusing first on understanding individuals’ unique goals and then developing diversified investment strategies designed to these specific goals. Through his wholistic approach, professional expertise, experience, and working along with a full team of financial professionals, Philip builds resilient investment strategies for clients.

Philip attained Investment Advisory status in 2019 with Foundations Investment Advisors and is now Lead Investment Advisor at Empower Wealth.

Philip, his wife and children live in Cedar Park Texas. Philip is the proud father of three girls and enjoys sharing in their varied academic and athletic interests. He loves golf and bowling.
He joins us in Austin coming from Pennsylvania where he managed our office in Media, PA.
Email Address: [email protected] | Phone: (610) 813-2884
Gregory Putbrese
Social Security Timing Specialist
Gregory first began working in the financial services industry in 1982. He has been with Senior Tax and Insurance Advisors, PLLC since 2005. Gregory spends most of his days meeting with clients and helping them to understand (based on their individual wants and needs) at what age they should request receipt of Social Security benefits so as to maximize their Social Security retirement income.

Gregory’s mission is to make certain all of the clients with whom he meets continue to receive the personalized financial services and support they are seeking from Empower Wealth.

Email Address: [email protected] | Phone: (512) 833-6557
Jenna Esponda
Service Advisor
Jenna joined our team May 5, 2021 after graduating from St. Edwards University with a BBA in Finance Degree. In the near future she will be sitting for her FIRNA Series 65 exam and will become a Service Advisor. Jenna served four years in the Marine Corps. She and her Husband Eduardo have three dogs and enjoy getting outside as much as possible.
Email Address: [email protected] | Phone: (512) 833-6557
Jimye Ketchens
Financial Records Administrator
Jimye is our company’s Financial Records Administrator. She recently retired after successfully completing 24 years of teaching (in Leander ISD and Albuquerque Public Schools). Prior to her teaching career, Jimye was employed as a Tax Auditor for the Internal Revenue Service.
Her formal education credentials include a MA in Educational Administration and a BS in Elementary Education (both earned at The University of New Mexico).
Email Address: [email protected] | Phone: (512) 833-6557